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Holy Family Catholic Primary School


Welcome to our school's Eco page

Our New Eco Code is up and running:  Remember to THINK GREEN!

T is for... turning lights off when they are not in use,

H is for... hiking with us on Walk on Wednesdays,

I is for... investigating ways to reduce energy,

N is for... never leave the taps running,

K is for... keeping our playground free from litter.


G is for... gardening - we love to plant! 

R is for... recycling and reusing in school and at home,

E is for... eating healthily,

E is for... exercising regularly,

N is for... noticing the worms making the compost.


News March 2015: School Wormery

The eco team have just installed a wormery in our school grounds.  We will be recycling our vegetable peelings from our school lunches to reduce the amount of food wasted each week.  You can come and have a look at our worm world in the entrance hall to watch these interesting creatures in action!

Our Year 5 Eco Warriors creating the wormery!

Tipping in the worms!

All ready to add the vegetable peelings!

Our Year 2 Eco Warriors creating 'Worm World' for the entrance hall.

Come and see them at work!