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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Reception - The Caterpillars

Welcome to Reception!

Our class is also known as The Caterpillars. The Caterpillars' team includes Miss Child, Mrs Cross, Mrs Cappa, Miss Arthur and Mrs Miskella.

Miss Child is the class teacher and Mrs Cross is the class HLTA, both will be in every day. Miss Child will be out on PPA every Thursday afternoon, therefore ‘Superstars’ will lead the class for P.E. and art. Mrs Cross will be out every Monday afternoon, therefore Mrs Miskella will join us. Mrs Cappa will also be working with us every morning and Miss Arthur every afternoon.

We will have P.E. twice a week this year. Wednesday sessions will be led by Miss Child and Thursday sessions will be led by 'Superstars'. Please bring in your child's P.E. kit (white shorts, red polo top and black daps) as soon as possible and ensure all pieces of uniform are labelled clearly with your child's name - this is also important for all other pieces of uniform too. Kits will be sent home at the end of each term to wash over the holidays and are expected to be back in school during the first week of the following term. 

This year we will be doing Forest Schools on a Friday. Kits can be bought into school by Friday morning at the latest and will be used every Friday afternoon. If, for any reason, we do not get changed for a session, the children's kits will be kept in school for the session the following week. Forest School kits include weather appropriate clothing as we will go out whatever the weather! At this time of year waterproofs, (coats and trousers) old clothing such as: old jogging bottoms and long sleeve tops, socks and wellington boots will be needed.

All children are provided with a piece of fruit or a vegetable every day, which they are welcome to eat during break time. They are also entitled to a carton of milk at break time too, up until their 5th birthday. Water bottles are also welcomed in school, particularly in the warmer months. Squash is not allowed.

Homework in Reception consists of:

  • Letter formation worksheets.

  • 1 or 2 reading books, changed weekly.

  • Word pots to develop the children's segmenting and blending skills.

  • Homework projects (Once every short term).

Giving your child regular reading opportunities - whether it be their school books, library books, reading of words around the house, magazines etc. is very important in order to develop their reading skills. The more nights your child reads, the more certificates they will receive and be presented with during Celebration Assemblies.

As 'Show and Tell' sessions were so successful in term 1, we will be continuing this in term 2. However, they will be run slightly differently from now on. The children will now take it in turns to take home the 'All About Me' box, this can be filled with things that are special to your child e.g. medals, certificates, photographs, favourite books or toys. This box will be sent home on a Friday and is expected back in school on the following Monday,  ready for your child to share the box with their friends. Please do not allow your child to bring in toys from home on a Friday as we will no longer be sharing these. 

This page will be updated regularly, but if there is anything you would like to ask or discuss please feel free to come and see us.

Miss Child and the Reception Team :)

Below is the overview of Autumn Term 2


Talk about themselves in positive terms and talk about their abilities 

Understands that their own actions affect other people

Circle time/Reflections

Physical Development:

Fundamentals: Using a ball to throw, catch, bounce (SuperStars)

Dance: Levels, body shapes, freezing etc

Develop correct pencil grip and begin to form letters

Communication and Language:

All About Me Box: speaking in front of a group, maintaining attention and listening and responding to others

Role playing through literacy/free-flow play

Letters and Sounds


The Gruffalo (Fiction): A tale of defeating a monster

How to scare a Gruffalo (Non-Fiction): Instructions

(Talk for Writing)

Letter to Santa (Non-Fiction): Letters

Poetry: Action rhymes


Numeracy: Count up to 10 and beyond, matching number and quantity, and begin to identify one more  than a given number

Shape, space and measure: Begin  to explore height and length and use positional language


God’s Family: 

Be aware that God made all the people in the world to be part of his family and that we are a part of it too

Know that God made us to know and love him and to show our love for him by helping one another

Know that God has given us gifts so that we can show his love to other

Understanding the World:

Using the Interactive Whiteboard/ Laptops/iPads

Explore our personal similarities and differences (Children in Need)

Look at changes within the environment

Expressive Arts and Design:

Nativity song/dance rehearsals

Art (SuperStars)