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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Parents' Forum

February 2018

Our latest group met to discuss the Anti-Bullying Policy and Behaviour Policy. 

Questions asked by Mrs Carter

                At what point would you want to be informed of an issue involving your child?

                Is there anything else you would expect the school to do?


Comments from parents present:

                Children anti-bullying policy: Does the specificity of the section ‘What is bullying?’ give children ideas about how to bully other children? Should the wording be vaguer so as not to suggest how they might hurt other children?

                Behaviour and discipline policy: Could there be an extra stage included for Key Stage Two whereby they have time out in an area of the classroom first before being sent for time out elsewhere? This would mirror the Key Stage One practice and mean the children are not immediately missing out on learning.

                Parents would want to be informed immediately if there was a physical act of bullying or aggression.

Parents don’t expect to be informed of every small disagreement or falling out – they are generally happy for these things to be dealt with by school. However, if there were repeated incidents (2 or 3 occasions) with the same children, or if their child was exhibiting the same behaviour, they would want to be informed.

Parents felt that this was reliant on good communication between school and parents. The policy of staff being available, on the playground in the morning, and after school has improved opportunities for communication.

Some classes send home regular mid-term updates which parents like to receive. These always reiterate that the teacher is available after school if parents want to chat. Other teachers communicate effectively by text – though school must be mindful of the times at which we text.

The Stay and Play sessions were well received and informative. Parents would like to do this again.

Thank you for your feedback.

Mrs Carter


November Meeting

Suggestions Actions
Can children perform carols for parents? Each class to perform a carol at the Christmas Fair and parents to be invited to the Christingle Service.
Would social events such as a talent show or fashion show be of interest? PTA to hold a meeting in the new year with representatives from all classes welcome.
Can new parents be informed that they are welcome to view books before or after their parents' evening slot? That information will be added to the letter for the next Parents' Evening.
Can reception parents be informed that monthly reports will end with transition and the new system explained? A letter will be sent to explain the changes and how Target Tracker works in the summer term.
If there is an event, such as parents' DT day, can parents and children be told on the same day to avoid confusion? This will be passed onto teachers at the next staff meeting.
Can news articles be included in the Bradley Stoke press? Mrs Carter will email the Bradley Stoke press in addition to Little Stoke and Patchway who already publish our news stories.
Can the parents' forum be at a different time to encourage more attendance? Next forum to be at 2.15pm - date to be confirmed.


September meeting  
Suggestions Actions
Can parents be given more information about interventions - why children are chosen, what they need to work on, how parents can help? The letters will be amended from the next cycle of intervention.
Can the website be updated - particularly the staff section? A new staff section will soon be included.
Can parents have more regular feedback on their children's progress and next steps? A new 'Bridge the Gap' slip will be trialled this term.
Can parents be informed if a child is painting? All children to keeo an old shirt in school to protect their school uniform on painting days.
Can social events be earlier or on a Friday? The next event is planned for a Friday night and child-care is provided.
Can there be social events for the children, like a disco? This is being arranged for Term Two. Date to be confirmed.
Can maths and grammar workshops be year group specific? This change will be implemented at the next workshop.
Can Reception access after-school clubs? This will be possible once children have settled in from Term Two.
Can the school provide optional summer homework? Some classes already do. We will ensure consistency next year.