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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Sing Up Gold


We are very pleased to have been awarded the Sing Up Gold Award in recognition of all our singing talent and wide range of singing activity that we have facilitated throughout the year and we are very proud of the children for all their hard work in helping us to secure the award.  It follows an in-depth assessment by the Sing Up assessors of all the evidence we provided from the last year,  including audio, video, photographic and written evidence. 

The assessor was very complimentary about the range of songs we sing and the singing techniques we use  and the enthusiasm of the children, staff and governors !  If you would like to read the assessor's comments please find them below:

Dear Mark Handley,

Congratulations! Your Gold Sing Up Award has been endorsed by Pamela McGahon and you've achieved your Gold Award!

Celebrate your school's singing achievement by downloading your Award Certificate and logos from the Awards Tool now. You will receive your formal Award Certificate in the post within the next few weeks.

Pamela McGahon gave the following feedback:

Dear Holy Family RC Primary school

Many thanks for submitting evidence to support your Gold Sing Up award. I am pleased to announce you have achieved this award now, so congratulations. It was an absolute pleasure to watch your video clips and read all about your singing journey. I made some comments when I was looking through your evidence and have listed below.

I can see that there are some very challenging songs being learned and performed enthusiastically throughout the school.  It is lovely to see the children leading the learning of new songs by explaining and demonstrating rather than just 'singing along' with the rest of the school from the front.

Singing detectives is a fantastic idea for identifying and improving singing skills and you have provided an excellent checklist to help the children taking on the detective role.  The performance at the shopping centre looked brilliant and I read a lovely report from the performance too. You should continue to encourage reflection on performances and maybe encourage them to comment on the key skills.

Brilliant talent performance of singing with the cup percussion accompanying. I would have loved to see the winning performance. There's also a real confidence in the children teaching the rest of the school, especially when it is their own song.  There is a definite range of song styles being taught at this school.

Staff have good techniques for leading singing with their own voices which is brilliant to see.  You are the school to submit a clip of staff learning a new song from another member of staff (of the schools I have endorsed).  I hope you have lots of opportunities at staff meetings for sharing new material.  Staff choirs are quite popular and something you may like to consider.  A professional singing coach is a great addition to any team and I hope you will be inviting him in regularly for additional future training.  I was pleased to see the use of a guitar as well as recorded backing tracks to accompany singing at school.  It is important to have a range of experiences when singing and the teacher leading can give songs their own stamp.  It was lovely to see that the chair of governors attended singing training too.

Great idea to link the Sing Up journey onto your website and to also create a visual in school to promote the singing. Love the singing bus.  The playground singing leaders are really confident which is brilliant to see. The children in the workshop are clearly enjoying their singing activities.

Again, a very confident performance at the summer fair lead by one of the children.  Lots of opportunities for visitors and families to share the singing.

Once again I would like to congratulate you on achieving your Gold Sing Up Award.  If the school wanted to be nominated for platinum award I would recommend continuing with your fantastic approach to singing.  It would be lovely if you could share your good practice with a neighbouring school who may be struggling with including singing in their curriculum. You may also want to consider not only inviting your parents and visitors to watch the singing but to also join in with singing.  Family singing days, one off family events, parents workshops and family choirs are some suggestions as well as maybe asking your friends and families if they have any singing skills to share or songs from their own traditions and families they would like to come and teach. You might fins some hidden treasures.

All the best for the future. Pamela McGahon, Sing Up Consultant