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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 5 – The Hedgehogs

Dear Parents

Happy New Year to you all.  We had such a busy Autumn term and the children worked exceptionally hard, making very good progress. I was impressed with their engagement and enthusiasm for learning all about Brazil, from which they produced some fantastic work. They especially enjoyed our creative Brazilian day and loved creating and consuming our fruit cocktails and showing off their Samba dance steps.  I was  immensely proud of their brilliant performance of The Tempest, at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, which will be  captured on a display board outside the staff room and for their Christmas panto performance and for leading the end of term school Mass.

The children  will now be looking forward to their residential visit to Hooke Court in Wales, on the 7th March. We will be allocating students to their rooms probably in the first week of  March. We hope you’ll be able to find Victorian style clothing to include in their kit list.

Please find a curriculum overview for the Spring terms attached to this letter. (Also to be found on the website) The creative topic this term is the Victorians.  We will be having a Victorian school experience day, at Hooke Court and a creative Victorian day in school. Spellings continue to be taught in differentiated groups. Spellings to learn at home will be given out on a Monday and the children will then be tested the following Monday.  Homeworks  for English and Maths will be given out midweek. Maths will be on the Mathsletics programme. Guided reading homework will be given out on Mondays. PE kits need to remain in school all week. On Monday afternoons, the children will now alternate between an art afternoon and a forest schools’ afternoon. Forest school gear will need to stay in school, in a bag, fully labelled please.

We are delighted that Mrs Walker is back, teaching on Thursdays and Fridays.

Miss Arthur is the Hedgehogs’ teaching support assistant and  is responsible for changing the children’s home reading books.  Please encourage the children to read at home as often as possible, especially as they now have the reading frequency awards. Mrs Crofts continues to work in class on a one to one, apart from Wednesdays, when Mrs Miskella is in class.

 I am hoping the children will be able to have a go at tracing their family tree back to the Victorian era, using on-line census data. In order to do this, we ideally need the name of any family ‘ancestor’ who was living before 1912 and we really need their full name and place of birth (and ideally their occupation), in order to start the search.

Please do not hesitate to see me if you have any concerns regarding your child.                                                                                                                         

Mr Handley


Spring overview 2018  



  • Using and applying mathematics.( including practical maths activity)
  • Counting and understanding number.
  • Knowing and using number facts.
  • Understanding shape.
  • Measuring
  • Handling data.
  • Recall times tables facts
  • Develop mental maths calculation skills.
  • Develop ability to ‘play and experiment’ with numbers.



  • Tales of Quest

(Little Red by Lynn Roberts )

          (Into the Forest by A.Browne)

Write innovated and  independent quest tale.

Focus on setting.

  • Focus on discussion genre.
  • Book week
  • Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce – Finding Tale

Focus on characterisation

  • Journalism Focus

Poetry – The Refrigerator’s Belly – personification poetry




  •  Life cycles – reproduction, growth and old age.

Learn about nutrition and movement. 

Both human and animal

  • Life processes – classification

Discover ways of classifying different living things.





  • Handling data ( Excel)

Using formulae to manipulate data in cells, creation of graphs using Excel.

  • Multimedia

Making powerpoints, Photostories etc.





                          ( including Art, D&T ,History & Geography )

Examples of activities...Victorian family tree census research,  Victorian housing and factory conditions, make a Victorian artefact i.e. a zoetrope, swingball game, a windmill etc, hot seat different Victorian characters, art activities inspired by Victorian artists, online research into the life of the Royal family, Victorian schools, Victorian timeline, Explore Victorian literature extracts, Victorian day at Hooke Court. Creative Victorian day in school.





  • Jazz composition

Use musical instruments to play jazz beats and to improvise within a triad of notes.

  • Benjamin Britten




  • Badminton- focus on racket handling skills and eye to ball co-ordination.
  • Hockey/unihoc
  • Netball

Forest Schools’ sessions    




  • Telling the time
  • Food phrases, fruit and vegetables.
  • School equipment
  • Family and pets
  • The weather

General conversation



  • Inspirational People :-

Jesus, The Disciples, The Beatitudes, St.Edith Stein,

Fr.Pedro Arrupe S.J.

  • Reconciliation :-

Understand that actions have consequences, know about God’s love and forgiveness, The meaning of sin, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.