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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 5 Curriculum Overview


- The White Horse of Zennor (wishing tale)

- Knockers! (non-chronological report)

- Wet (performance poem)

- The Lost ( warning tale)

- Diary from Joe (recount)

- Christmas poetry


Place Value

- Numbers up to 1 million

- Comparing and ordering numbers

- Counting in powers of 10

- Rounding numbers up to 1mil

- Negative numbers


Addition and Subtraction

- Column method with larger numbers

- Mental strategies


Multiplication and Division

- Number facts: prime numbers, squares and cubes

- Multiplying 4 digit- numbers by 2 digits

- Division methods with remainders



Life Cycles

- Looking at reproductive process of flowering plants.

- Describing life process of reproduction in different types of animals e.g. mammals, birds, fish.

- Comparing life cycles of animals in different environments e.g. rainforest animals v desert ones.


All Living Things

- Describe how living things are classified into broad groups

- Classifying animals and plants on their characteristics.

Creative Topic – Carnival! (Brazil)

Brazil and the Rainforest

- Map of Brazil

- Comparing the climates of Rio and London!

- Researching how to save the rainforest

- Creating a ‘rainforest’

- Case study of a rainforest animal, including report, and artwork in the style of Rousseau

- Understanding the impact of deforestation – including on the Yanomimi tribes (presentation)

- Zoo trip!

Life in and out of the carnival

- Researching life in the Favela

- Learning the Samba (dance)!

- Samba drumming workshops

- Looking at art work of Romero Britto and creating our own

- Brazil Day: Creating cocktails, cooking Brazilian food, playing Brazilian games – and of course, the carnival!




- What happens in the Creation story, and what it really means for us.

- How we can be Stewards of the Earth, and researching what we can do, then putting in place a project to help achieve that.

- How Science and Religion can complement each other.


God’s Convenant

- What is a covenant?

- God’s covenant with Abraham, and the Israelites

- Looking at different prophets and their messages

- A new covenant?



- Looking at being responsible digital citizens online, particularly at online gaming.

Handling Data

- Using software to create databases and graphs, relevant to our investigation of the rainforest

Presentation software

- Using software to create presentations for our Brazil topic


- Basketball                      - Samba dancing

- Rugby                             - Badminton


- Looking at classic work songs – particularly Livin’ On A Prayer

- Learning and practising our songs for the Christmas Panto!


- Spanish sessions will follow a new scheme of work beginning this year.

- Jigsaw will continue. Our 1st topic is ‘Being Me in My World’, followed by ‘Celebrating Difference’. Sessions will involve reflective discussion as a class.