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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 5 Curriculum Overview



- Into the Forest 

- Beetle Boy 

- Wet wet wet (poetry) 


Text types 

- Fairy Tales 

- Discussion texts 

- Suspense/tension  

- Non-chronological reports 


Writing objectives 

- Noun phrases 

- Adverbial phrases 

- Types of clauses 

- Speech 


Place Value 

- Numbers up to 1 million 

- Decimals: Tenths and hundredths 

- Comparing and ordering numbers 

- Rounding  

- Negative numbers 


Addition and Subtraction 

- Column method 

- Estimation and efficient methods 

- Money problems  



 Studying Living Things 

- Famous biologists 

- Plant and animal reproduction 

- Life cycles of animals 


Changes of Materials 

- Solids, liquids, and gases  

-  Filtering, sieving, and evaporating 

- Creating solutions  

- Reversible and irreversible changes 


 Creative Topic – Carnival! (Brazil) 

Save the rainforest!  

- Map of Brazil 

- Layers of the rainforest 

- What is deforestation, why is it happening and what does it mean for the rainforest? 

- How can we protect the rainforest? 


Rainforest Art (Henri Rousseau) 

- Drawing shapes in nature 

- Creating rainforest collage 

Life in and out of the carnival 

- Researching life in the Favelas 

- Learning the Samba! 

- Samba drumming 

- Looking at art work of Romero Britto and creating our own. 

- Brazil Day: Creating cocktails, cooking Brazilian food, playing Brazilian games – and of course, the carnival! 

- Postcard home from Rio! 




- What happens in the Creation story, and what it really means for us. 

- Reflecting on the beauty of creation. 

- How we can be Stewards of the Earth, and researching what we can do to help protect God’s world. 


God’s Convenant 

- What is a covenant? 

- God’s covenant with the Israelites (Ten Commandments) 

- Looking at different prophets and their messages 

- Jesus and the new covenant (to love one another) 



- Understand the impact of sharing information online 

- Be aware of what is appropriate to share 

- Understand our responsibility as digital citizens – particularly during online gaming. 


- Read and understand code 

- Debug codes to achieve an outcome 

- Use coding to create own projects   



- Netball                      - Samba dancing 

- Football                     - Gymnastics 



- Singing: Sea shanties: ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor’ 

- Listening: Gospel singing – why we sing 

- Composing songs 

- Musical terminology 


- Spanish sessions will continue following a new scheme of work! 

- Jigsaw will continue. Our 1st topic is ‘Being Me in My World’, followed by ‘Celebrating Difference’. Sessions will involve reflective discussion and individual responses to important issues such as rights and responsibilities, racism and bullying.