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Holy Family Catholic Primary School


A Holy Family scientist can investigate and question the world around them; conducting experiments and recording their findings using appropriate scientific vocabulary.  They will develop an awe and wonder about the world they live in which encourages them to question and explore.  They will be inspired to be like Steven Hawking and Jane Goodall.

Children at Holy Family School follow the Developing Experts scheme of work which includes an overview of the units for each year group, knowledge organisers and end of unit tests.

Children have two hours of science learning each week.  Children follow each unit on their year group of Developing Experts and plan, conduct and review experiments for each unit.  Investigation sheets are available to help them plan.  A hypothesis is created and results are recorded.  Children complete a keyboard quiz on Developing Experts for each unit to assess their knowledge and understanding.

The Science Co-ordinator will collate all the assessment information for  all classes.

Work is recorded in science books - writing, data collection and photographs.

A science week is held each year and fun tasks are held throughout the week.  We also hold a science-based after school club during one term.

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