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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

'Always our best for God, each other and ourselves'

We have sent out several letters by email this week - please check under the communications tab.  If you have not received the emails please contact us to be added to the list.  Thank you!
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Message from Mrs Summers-Breeze - April 2021
A huge thank you to everyone for all the lovely presents and kind words in the cards I have received over the last week.
I wish everyone all the best and look forward to returning to Holy Family in the near future (but not as Head!).
I had never planned to be a Headteacher. I just wanted to teach, to make a difference to young children's lives by helping them learn to read and write and add up, by looking after them when they were lost or sad or lonely or upset, by laughing with them and celebrating when they were happy.
If someone had told a 23 year old me that I would teach in 5 different schools across the country, be a deputy for 6 years, a head for 15 years, an  inspector, support several different schools and achieve an MA in Catholic School Leadership, I would have run a mile! That was absolutely not the plan.
I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that came my way. I reflected on each and every one, and ended up taking up some and rejecting others. I did not always take the option I wanted, or the easiest one, but took the one I thought was the right thing to do.
Working in education is hard work, it is a vocation that calls you to serve, not just the young people in your care, but their families, their community and your colleagues.
It has been a huge honour to work in the schools I have worked in, with the adults and the children that I have worked with. They have taught me so much.
Every child I have worked with over the last 36 years has been beautiful, creative, imaginative and very, very funny, they have made me laugh on so many occasions and I have some very precious memories! The children in my first class would be 42 now, older than half the staff here today!
I have been lucky enough to have had the support of so many lovely parents and am deeply grateful for this. I am also deeply grateful for those who did not support me, or agree with some of my decisions, I thank you for giving me opportunities to grow and learn.
All the adults I have worked with, staff and governors, have been truly dedicated to the children. Hard-working, resilient, creative, resourceful, passionate and kind. The list of qualities is endless. I feel privileged to have worked with so many lovely people and, again, to have been given opportunities to learn and grow with them.
Of all the teams of staff I have worked with this one is the best! We have been through so much together, cried in times of sadness and tragedy and celebrated in times of great joy. The laughter far outweighs the tears, but all are very precious memories.
We have had some great times together, great nights out, great trips- axe throwing at morfa, paddling down the river Wye, or swimming if you were Mrs Cross, paddle-boarding at Slimbridge, and who could forget the forest school trip to Keswick, what fun we have had, what great memories we have made.
There has always been a strong connection between me and Holy Family School.  My mum was a governor here in the 80s, my children attended here in the 90s and, in fact, it was Holy Family school that rescued me when, as a student teacher, I had had a really tough teaching practice and had been set on leaving the PGCE course I was on,  when my mum encouraged me to come and talk to Mr Kieran Walker, the Head here at the time, she was a governor. He gave me time and listened to me and then simply said, come and spend some time here with us, which I did, then returned to Oxford to finish my course and haven't looked back. I’m glad I was able to serve the community that set me back on my journey when I fell.
My passion for Catholic education remains as strong as ever and I leave here to work in other areas of Catholic school life as well as other voluntary work, and to spend time, a lot of time on my boat!
There are too many people to thank to mention in name so I will just say thank you to everyone for your support, kindness and friendship and a very special thank you to my boys, Jack and Daniel, who had to suffer the indignity of having their mum as the Deputy Head when they were at Primary school, and to Phil, for giving me strength, confidence and inspiration, and picking me up whenever I fell.
I know the school will continue to go from strength to strength because of the commitment and dedication of the great team of staff and governors: the children at Holy Family are so privileged to have a team that is focused on producing gospel activists, the leaders of the future, the fighters of injustice, the workers for the poor and vulnerable and the carers of our wonderful environment.
I wish you lots of luck and look forward to hearing great things of the school.
Thank you.


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Please see below video of our Thanksgiving Mass this morning for Mrs Summers-Breeze on her retirement


Children return to school on Tuesday 20th April 2021 (Monday 19th April is an In Service day)


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On Thursday 11th March we celebrated World Poetry Day!  Throughout the day we looked at lots of poetry and tried to write our own.  We also followed a very exciting Poetry trail around the school...... and answered all the clues!


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Monday 8th March


It has been lovely to welcome back all the children to school today.  The children have settled in very quickly, and it feels like they have never been away!



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Message from Mrs Summers-Breeze:
We are looking forward to welcoming all the children back to school on Monday!  We have missed you very much.
Just a reminder of timings:
8.30am Back Gate
2.50pm  Back Gate
Year 1
8.50am  Back Gate
3.10pm  Back Gate
Year 2
8.40am  Front Gate
3pm  Front Gate
Year 3
9am Front Gate
3.20pm  Front Gate
Year 4
9.10am  Back Gate
3.30pm  Back Gate
Year 5
9.10am  Front Gate
3.30pm  Front Gate
Year 6
8.30am  Front Gate
2.50pm  Front Gate
Please remember to keep socially distanced at all times at the gates and to wear a mask.
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Happy Half Term!






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Some of the wonderful thank you prayers our key worker children wrote...



We are very proud of you all!



All newsletters are available on the communication tab.  Please check emails and the communications tab for full details.


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Please note that we are now a NUT FREE school.  Please ensure your child does not bring food into school that contains nuts of any kinds.  Thank you for your support.
Information has been put under the Communications Tab regarding symptoms of coronavirus and what to do.
If you would like a translation of the government guidance for parents and carers, please click here


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