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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Walk Against Hunger 2022

The Chaplaincy Team decided to plan a walk against hunger after watching the CAFOD National Assembly where we heard about Lombeh, a small girl, who when was a baby would not grow. Her mum met another mother ,who explained that they got food from the Sisters in the town. Lombeh's mother went and received some nutritious sesame seed paste, which meant that Lombeh could grow big and strong.

There are still many children in the world who are in the same situation as Lombeh and CAFOD asked schools to help them to 'Walk against Hunger' to try and 'stamp out malnutrition one step at a time.'

The Chaplaincy Team went to see Mr. Harding to present reasons why we should join all schools and raise money to help. This links to our Catholic Social Teaching, Option to the Poor and Vulnerable. A route was planned for the whole school to walk and a just giving page was made so that people could donate money to CAFOD. We raised a whopping £370!

Please see Class Dojo for the videos of this walk.

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