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Holy Family Catholic Primary School


Letters sent out by Mr. Marshall

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  • 29.4.19 - Behaviour and homework

    Published 10/05/19

    A message on behaviour management and the new homework project

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    Published 01/05/19

    Dear Parents,

    Dean Field is nearly upon us, so here is some final bits of information before we go. Hopefully this can answer any final questions you have.


    Departure times

    • We will be leaving school at 9.30am on Tuesday so bring children in at normal time.
    • We shall be back at school on the Wednesday before 3:15pm, so pick children up from your normal area at the normal time.



    • Children will be told their groupings tomorrow. If you have any questions or concerns, please see your class teacher, however do remember it is only for one night.
    • Children do not need to bring bedding!


    Dietary and Medical

    • I have requested fish fingers and chips for the dinner (as children are accustomed to this!), if it is not this then I have been told it will be another plainish dinner – such as pasta Bolognese.
      • We will gently encourage children to eat, should they dislike what is in front of them. However if you are worried about this, I would advise packing a small amount of basic food (such as cereal bars) – but please only do this if you think it is necessary – we want the children to be learning this independence.
    • There will be choice for breakfast and lunch which should meet all children’s requirements!
    • If you child has medication which needs to be taken while away, please see Mrs. Collins at the office to fill out a medical form which allows us to administer the medication.


    • I have had a few parents asking about swimming – we are not swimming so no need to worry!
    • Children will be doing 4 activities: climbing tower, tunnels, problem solving and a stream walk. These will be in 4 groups, spread over both days. Some of these will require certain kit (see below). In the evening we are planning to do a night walk followed by a bonfire, including free time for the children.
    • I will be opening up a tuck shop while away for the children to use. Pupils can bring money to spend, a maximum of £5. The children are responsible for this, so you may want to make sure it is in a labelled wallet/purse!


    Kit List (N.B. We are there for 2 days, so bring 2 lots of clothes in case they get dirty!)

    • Tracksuit bottoms/ other fibre trousers
      • The centre have enough waterproof clothing and wellies for all children so please don’t go out your way to buy something
    • Jumper/hoodie etc. (probably for evening)
    • Long or short sleeve t-shirt
    • Walking socks
    • Underwear
    • Hair bands for long hair
    • Outdoor shoes/ trainers
    • Night clothes
    • Indoor shoes/ slippers
    • Possibly sun cream/hat depending on weather (or raincoat!)
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, other toiletries such as shower gel.
    • Large towel
    • Torch (if possible)
    • Refillable water bottle (not cheap plastic).


    • Disposable Camera (if children want to bring one
    • Money in a purse/wallet


    • A reminder that no mobile phones OR other electrical devices are allowed
    • Children don’t need to bring school uniform!
    • Sweets/other snacks are allowed, but please only pack a small amount. The children will be well fed while away and will not need extra food.
    • Please don’t bring jewellery, unless it has some special importance. Children will need to take it off anyway during activities.


    Most of all, let your children enjoy being away! The main aim is to build independence, responsibility and team work. Hopefully they should all come back with some great experiences to remember.


    If you have any other questions or concerns please either speak to Ms. Lloyd or me on the playground or at the door.


    Many thanks,

    Mr. Marshall

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    Published 16/09/18

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    Published 16/09/18

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