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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 1 Trip to Blaise Toy Museum

Year 1 visited Blaise Toy Museum to learn more about life long ago

The children really looked the part, dressed in Eton collars, waistcoats and pinafores, as they travelled through time to learn about life in the past.

They had a lovely time playing with old fashioned toys before exploring the rest of the museum's collection of toys and 'everyday life' artefacts. They were really interested in finding out how their lives are similar and different to children from the past. They learned how things have changed and how things worked.

The museum curator was so impressed with the children's excellent behaviour, he rewarded them with a special treat... a visit to the Victorian classroom!

After their busy morning, the children had lunch in the grounds before walking to nearby Blaise Hamlet to see some examples of homes from the past.

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