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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Cultural Week Celebrations

As we welcome more pupils from around the globe to our school family, classrooms at Holy Family Primary are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to share and develop our knowledge of other cultures, this week has seen the school’s first Cultural Celebration Week, in which parents and carers have played an enormous part.

Volunteers have flocked into school to share traditions and develop the children’s understanding of different countries in any way they can. Classes have been overwhelmed by the number of visitors. Many have provided a vast range of different foods to taste, from delicious Polish pastries to Chinese soup and black bean sauce. Children have been incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunities to expand their taste sensations.


Our parent volunteers have also shared their creativity in the arts. Children have experienced adults sharing music with traditional flutes from Pakistan, teaching the children Chinese songs and folk dances from both Slovakia and Poland. Year 5 pupil, Kayleigh Miskella, enjoyed every minute, “It’s been such good fun. The music sounded amazing – I wish I could play like that.”

This input has been followed up by quality learning in the classroom as the children have studied famous artists from around the world. Pupils have a used a wide range of artistic materials to replicate the styles they are studying. Pupils have worked with clay to create Azulejo: Portuguese ceramic tiles and created Chinese New Year firework art using a wax resist technique.

Foundation stage teacher, Stephanie Crane commented, “It has been lovely to celebrate the broad range of cultures in the class alongside our families and wonderful for the children to learn to appreciate both the diversity and equality of our backgrounds.”