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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family Pupils Rub Each Other Up The Right Way

How many adults enjoy the sensation of serenity and calmness brought about by a relaxing massage? At Holy Family School pupils in Years 3 and 4 are embarking on an exciting new project, designed to spread that feeling of tranquillity throughout the classroom. Following the half term break children will be learning to give and receive peer massage with their classmates.

The Massage in Schools programme has been developed in order to increase children’s self-confidence. Research shows that, after taking part in child-to child massage, pupils become calmer and have improved concentration. Massage in Schools trainer, Anne Badger, explained, “Many schools find that a peer massage session can have a really settling effect, particularly following a hectic lunchtime.”

Peer massage is recommended for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The clothed massage is often accompanied by a story. As the story is told the children follow the actions by massaging the head, back and arms of their partners. Children learn to ask permission from each other before they start and say ‘thank you’ to their partner at the end. In this peaceful way children are learning to co-operate and show respect to others.

Peer massage co-ordinator, Gary Risdale, is enthusiastic about the positive impact this new strategy will have across the school, “It’s a fabulous opportunity to develop co-operative learning with a truly kinaesthetic approach. We look forward to seeing the benefits for our children.”