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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year Four Cathedral Retreat

On Friday 26th September 2014 the Year 4 classes of the 6 Catholic Primary Schools in South Gloucestershire gathered together at Clifton Cathedral for a collective retreat day. 

The theme of the day was ‘We belong to the family of God’. The Headteachers had organised some reflective activities and some fun activities for the pupils to do. The children were put into groups with others from each of the schools and within a very short space of time had made new friends!

Children also had a tour of the Cathedral and learnt about the Stations of the Cross and the stained glass windows. George was surprised by the amount he learnt, “I liked the Stations of the Cross because I never knew that there were forty three and we can only fit 14 in our school hall!”

After lunch the schools celebrated together a wonderful mass with each of the schools making a contribution.

The importance of the day will not be forgotten as each of the classes took back to their schools a candle holder entitled ‘a circle of friends’ with 6 clay figures hugging in a circle to represent the 6 Catholic primary schools that took part. Year 4 pupil Paige commented, “I thought that the Cathedral was really calm and peaceful. It was an interesting trip. Thank you for taking us.’