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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Chaplaincy Team

Above is our logo, each member of the team designed a logo and had to explain their reasoning behind it.

Below is our Chaplaincy prayer, which we wrote as a team. We start each of our meetings saying it.


The Chaplaincy Team consists of children within Key Stage Two who perform many duties in school throughout the year, including: meeting weekly to plan activities throughout the school, plan, resource and deliver weekly Celebration of the Word in Key Stage One, as well as planning and leading fund-raising activities throughout the year. In turn, they encourage the children throughout the school to live out their faith in their daily living.

‘What’s On’ for Your Chaplaincy Group

The team meet once a week - their current goal includes the threefold intent of carrying out:

  • Strengthening our school mission;
  • Deepening prayer;
  • Enabling communion.

The team has written an action plan for the year (see below), focusing on ways to develop the above aspects within school. Meeting each week gives the opportunity for the children to come together to discuss and plan things that we can do in school.

The Chaplaincy Team have taken part in many activities, so far they have…

  • Attended two separate Chaplaincy Team Day with Chaplaincy Teams from other schools within the Newman Partnership.
  • Organised and raised money for Afghan refugees through a whole school raffle.
  • Planned, resourced and led Celebration of the Word in EYFS and Key Stage One every week.
  • Planned and organised a 'Walk against Hunger' to raise money for CAFOD.
  • Led the Harvest assembly to the whole school.
  • Took part in Commissioning Services led by Fr. Eugene with the whole school.
  • Led Catholic Social Teaching assemblies each term to introduce the new focus for that term to the whole school.
  • Led Jigsaw Celebration of the Word each term to introduce the new unit to the whole school.
  • Planned and delivered a Macmillan Coffee afternoon for parents and parishioners to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.
  • Leading prayers within whole school Celebration of the Word.
  • Planned and presented information about the CAFOD BIG Lent Walk to Mr. Harding and as an assembly to the whole school. They also advertised the walk around the school.
  • Working on achieving their Leaders in Faith Award.

Message from our Chaplaincy Team:

“As part of our role in the Chaplaincy Team we work together to try to make our world a better place. We do this by helping others in our school, our local community and around the world, bringing them into a closer relationship with God.

We try to follow Jesus’ commandment to ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ in all that we do.”

What does being part of the Chaplaincy Team mean to you?

"We feel closer to God." Emmanuel

"We raise money to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves." Sophie

"We are role models to other children in the school." Kara

"We use the Chaplaincy Team as an opportunity to teach younger children about the importance of God." Mario

"It is a place where we help everyone to follow God's path." Lorena

"We are serving God and teaching other children about God." Grace