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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Design Technology

Design Technology -



Our Design Technology curriculum develops curiosity, imagination, resilience and creative thinking, alongside the knowledge and skills needed to design and make products that solve relevant, real-life problems. Children are inspired by designs, designers and engineers from history through to present day. They become innovators, risk takers and inventors with the skills, knowledge, concepts and values to contribute to the culture, wealth and wellbeing of future generations.



Design and technology is linked mainly to creative curriculum work, science or computing. Teachers follow a progressive, whole school, ‘learning ladder’ covering skills from the broad areas of: design, making, evaluating, food technology and mechanisms. Class teachers plan three specific DT focus units a year, during which key skills are developed for a particular purpose/end product. All year groups also take part in at least one cookery project.

DT lessons take up approximately 5% of curriculum time, during the three focus terms.

Visits to, and visitors from, companies such as Warburtons, Asda and Airbus provide further opportunities to learn about DT in the wider world.

There are further opportunities to build small and large scale structures and to use a variety of tools during regular Forest School sessions.


Measuring Impact

By the end of each key stage, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study. Teachers assess children’s work in Design Technology whilst observing them working during lessons. These observations are used to inform formal assessments at three points across the year. These assessments also inform Teachers' annual reports to parents.