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Holy Family Catholic Primary School



At Holy Family School we aim for pupils to develop a mastery of maths by:

  • Exposing pupils to a variety of concepts and procedures so they have a secure understanding of the different areas of mathematics.
  • Helping pupils make connections and ask questions about mathematics by noticing patterns.
  • Encouraging pupils to be clear in their reasoning about mathematics through self-explanations and written reasoning, using key vocabulary.
  • be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, such as number bonds and times tables.


Holy Family uses a range of different schemes to aid teachers in their short, medium and long-term planning, for example White Rose and Maths No Problem. Teachers follow a curriculum overview that takes the class through one area of maths at a time.


Teaching strategies

Children are taught number bonds in KS1 and have regular practise of this throughout the week through daily lesson warmups and TA interventions. In KS2, there is great focus on becoming confident and fluent at times tables by the end of Year 4. This is practised through daily activities and regular testing through the TT Rockstars programme.


The children are encouraged to use in depth use reasoning to explain their thinking through the use of ‘stem sentences’ which use key vocabulary. Higher order questions are planned for and extensions are planned for every lesson to challenge pupils in their thinking.



We follow the mastery approach model in classes. This involves teaching content in small steps, allowing children to develop a secure mastery of content over time, and make connections between steps. Pupils have ‘intelligent practice’ of steps, following a ‘Try it, Use it, Prove it’ approach, building up fluency and reasoning skills. Pupils are challenged in applying their learning over time in problems once they have developed a secure understanding of the procedure.


Children are encouraged to use manipulatives wherever possible to cement their understanding of the ‘concrete-pictorial-abstract’. These are accessible in every classroom.


Holy Family school assesses children by age related bands using Target Tracker. They are assessed at 3 intervals during the year. Age related bands are informed by teacher assessment over time. Children should be assessed as meeting a target if they have ‘mastered’ it. This means they are able to do it and explain it at any point. In years 2 and 6, the children do SATS tests. In years 1, 3, 4 and 5, the children complete a variety of assessments to inform teacher judgement.


Parental involvement

Parents are encouraged to assist their children in number bonds/times tables through regular practice at home, times tables being practised through the TT Rockstars scheme. Pupils are highly encouraged to practice previous content through weekly homework challenges on ‘Mangahigh’, a programme which uses intelligent AI to challenge pupils. Regular celebrations and school challenges are set in school to motivate pupils in extra maths practice.