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Holy Family Catholic Primary School


At Holy Family we believe PE is very important and an essential part of the curriculum. Each class have two PE lesson each week, therefore it is vital that children’s PE kits are in school at all times! A PE kit should consist of a pair of white shorts, a red t-shirt and black plimsolls. Children must also have their hair tied up if it is long and remove their earrings. If their earrings cannot be removed you must provide plasters or tape so they can be covered. During the colder months children are able to wear black jogging bottoms instead/as well as their white shorts, if their PE lesson is taken outside.

We have again been provided  sports premium funding to help with their development of PE. Schools have been given the freedom to use this money as they feel best for the school. Therefore over the course of the year each class will have a Super Star lessons, furthermore Year 2 and Year 3 will have swimming lessons. We will also use the funding to continue to provide the following below.

  1. Providing lunchtime clubs to direct pupils more during this free time period as well as provide them access to coaching in a new sport.
  2. Provide opportunities for pupils to access sports and activities they would not usually be able to. This is really to provide opportunities for pupils to experience sports that would not usually be available to them.
  3. Continuing to provide High Quality PE to all pupils.

Please see the document attached below for a more detailed account of our Sport Premium expenditure.

Due to the new National Curriculum 2014 we will now be competing in more competitions, whether that is within school, the EMMAUS Catholic Cluster or the Patchway Cluster. Following is this upcoming years timetable of sporting events.

EMMAUS Catholic Cluster Events 2017-18

Term 1  
Term 2

Boccia @ St Augustine's


Year 2 (4 boys, 4 girls)

Term 3 

Tag Rugby @ St Augustine's

09/02/2018 1:30pm

Y5/6 (10 pupils max. min 2 girls)

Term 4

Hockey @ Christ the King

07/03/2018 1:30pm

Y3/4 (10 pupils max. min 2 girls)

Term 5

Netball @ Yate Outdoor Sports Complex 

WB 16/04/2018 1:30pm 

Y5/6 (9 pupils max. 2 boys max)

Term 6

Cross Country @ Holy Family

15/06/2018 1:30pm

KS2 - (2 boys, 2 girls per year group)

Multi-sports @ St Mary's 

06/07/2018 1:30pm

YR/1 (4 children per year group)

Impact of Sport Premium Money

In April 2013, the government announced new funding for Physical Education (P.E) and sports within schools.  This funding is being used to improve the quality and breath of P.E and sports provision in our school. This year our school had a total of £10701.72 due to money being carried over from the previous academic year.




Number of children impacted

Equipment for Reception


Reception were able to access PE equipment throughout the day, which encouraged more physical activity and fair play.  Furthermore, they gained independence by accessing the equipment themselves.


Sports Week


Allowed all children to experience a wider range of sports and activities.




High Quality PE to all pupils and allow Continuing Professional Development for staff.

Provided opportunities for pupils to access sports and activities they would not usually be able to. Additionally, provided opportunities for pupils to experience sports that would not usually be available to them.

The SuperStar lunch time club provided all KS1 and KS2 pupils with the option of more direction with games during their free time. It also allowed them to access coaching in a new sport.


Each term the SuperStar after school club linked to an upcoming tournament. Therefore, this meant that children who attended the club and tournament were prepared and confident.


Swimming for Year 2 and transport


Increased the likeliness that all children will be able to swim the required distance by the end of Year 6. Additionally, children gained an understanding of poolside safety and built their confidence in preparation for swimming in Year 3.



Footballs and softballs


The children were able to play football, netball and basketball at playtime and lunchtime safely.


Equally, Teachers were able to provide high quality PE lessons to all children covering a wide range of sports. Children were exposed, during lessons and clubs, to some sports that may not usually be available to them.


Dance Festival


The Dance Festival provided the children with an opportunity to showcase Dance talent. Additionally, it allowed them to be part of a local community, and recognise and respect diversity.


Pride in Play


Provided children with additional physical exercise, whilst supporting their social and emotional needs.


Swimming and transport for year 6



To enable children who couldn’t swim 25 metres, intensive lessons for a week to ensure they became more confident.


Tennis coaching for year 3/4/5 provided by an Almonsbury Tennis Coach




Children were able to high quality coaching and the children who attended the club went to a tennis competitions as a result of this coaching.

Furthermore, 4 children now attend Almondsbury Tennis Club during their free time, as a result of this coaching.



The total expenditure for the academic year 2016/2017 was £6467.90. The remaining £4323.82 will be carried into next year’s budget so we can continue to provide children with the same opportunities.