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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Prayer and Liturgy

Every Monday, the whole school attends the Gospel assembly. This is led by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. These assemblies reflect on the Gospel from the previous Sunday. The children listen to the Gospel reading, answer questions about it and think about what they have learnt and how they can go forth and share this during the week.  Examples of these can be found below.

During Advent and Lent, the Monday Gospel assembly becomes reflections about the that specific Liturgical season. Parents are invited to join in these, learning about the season and preparing for Christmas and Easter.

Every Tuesday, we have whole school musical worship. Our music lead, teaches the children new hymns for Masses as well as singing for enjoyment and a time for reflection.

Every Wednesday, each Key Stage 2 class leads a Liturgical Prayer within their classes. This is something that they have planned, resourced and deliver within small groups. The Chaplaincy Team are on a rota to deliver Liturgical Prayer to the classes in Key Stage 1 each Wednesday. These are planned and resourced within their small groups.

Every Thursday, each Key Stage has an assembly and uses the document 'Twelve Baskets'. This links PSHE and RE together. 

Every Friday, we have a whole school assembly which celebrates children's achievements throughout the school, whether these are academic, sports or related to our behaviour policy of being 'Ready, Respectful, Safe.'

Throughout the year, there will be additional assemblies such as:

- CAFOD National Assemblies - the whole school watches these and each Lent we support the walks that they plan by planning a walk and raising money.

- Catholic Social Teaching - Each term we focus on a different aspect within our classes, having a focus lesson as well as a home task to focus on too. At the beginning of each term, the Chaplaincy Team will lead an assembly to the whole school to introduce the aspect.

- Building the Kingdom - Throughout the year we have days when we work towards a task from Building the Kingdom and so the day is begun with an assembly to introduce the person or focus of the day.

- Jigsaw - Each term, a new unit is introduced to the school by the Chaplaincy Team. The focus is linked to scripture which is shared with the children within the assembly.