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Holy Family Catholic Primary School



 At Holy Family we understand that language variation in children is a complex issue and one that requires careful planning and a rich diet of both language and immersion in books to bridge the word gap. Children’s experiences are built upon through the use of high-quality texts, which exposes children to a range of grammatical skills and rich vocabulary. 


At Holy Family school children have a daily English lesson. English is taught using elements of the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. In YR- Y4 pupils are immersed in a text which they learn to perform orally with accompanying actions.  In Y5 and Y6, they use this time to study the vocabulary in the book and build on their reading skills. The teaching sequence is immersion of a text, innovation of the text and then creating an independent text in the same theme.  Each year group study texts which cover a range of genres in fiction, all non-fiction text types and a range of poetry.  All non-fiction work is linked to the previous fiction text. In Y5 and Y6, the units are based on full books rather than 'Talk for Writing' scripts and more opportunities are planned for children to be independent writers.  The agreed texts are identified in the Holy Family Primary School English overview. Please see this attached below.

During English lessons pupils experience whole-class creative warm-ups, whole-class modelled and shared reading and writing, a guided group or independent task and a plenary to review learning or discuss next steps. Guided work is planned to address pupils’ individual targets, following teacher assessment of pupil needs and pupils are grouped accordingly.  Independent tasks are differentiated appropriately to provide support and challenge as appropriate and resources are prepared to support this.

Below is our yearly overview so you can see what texts your child will be experiencing. There is also an example script and story map.