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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 1 – Saint Joseph


(Updated January 2020)

Spring Term

We hope you had a lovely family time over Christmas and New Year! We have enjoyed a little rest but are now focused on the term ahead and are looking forward to the next phase of learning we have planned for your children.

The Year One Team

Mrs Green continues as the Class Teacher Tuesday to Friday and Mrs England continues to teach the class every Monday. Mrs Bush assists in class every morning and occasionally in the afternoons. Mrs Crofts, Mrs Szabo and Miss Arthur also work in Year One at various times as part of the Key Stage One team.

If you are interested in volunteer work, hearing children read or helping to prepare resources or displays, we would welcome you to join us!

Class Information

Class information will be shared via letters, our class notice board and through texts, as needed. These are a few things we would like you to know about Year One:

PE Kits

PE sessions are twice a week but labelled PE kits should be left in school in a named drawstring bag as timetables sometimes need to be altered. We will send them home at the end of term, unless they get dirty before then.


Homework consists of daily reading, spellings, word pot/high frequency words and number bonds practice.

Children are encouraged to reread their books to build fluency and to talk about their reading to improve comprehension skills. Children may then go on to read their own books to help foster an enjoyment of reading. Please record this in your child’s yellow reading record book in the usual way (see 'Reading' below).

Each term, we will also send home details of a longer homework project linked to our learning in class. For homework this term, we would love it if you could work with your child to find out about an aspect of pirate life. - see 'Letters'.

Please let Mrs Green or one of the Year One team know if you would like any support or advice regarding homework.


Your child's yellow reading record and school reading books will be collected in, checked and changed once a week (based on written comments in yellow books). Your child should bring their book bag to school every day (no rucksacks please) so that they can be heard regularly in school too. A formal 'book check' is made at the end of each short term but your child may also move book levels as part of our ongoing assessments.


In maths, the children will practise recall of number facts daily in class and are awarded bronze, silver and gold awards for their achievements. You can support your child at home to practise their number bond addition and subtraction facts to five, and then ten. You are also welcome to help us practise our number bonds every Thursday morning from 8:55 to 9:10 (Commencing in week 2).

Outdoor Learning

We will be doing outdoor learning in some areas of the curriculum. Wellingtons can be stored on the pegs provided outside the classroom but, due to limited space, outdoor learning clothing should only be brought in as needed. A text will be sent when additional outdoor clothing is required.



We are learning to: recall number bond pairs to 20 and addition facts to at least 10; work out corresponding subtraction facts; recall ‘doubles’ and ‘halves’ within twenty; count in steps of twos, fives and tens. Our learning will cover:

  • Number - Addition and subtraction (within 20)
  • Multiplication and division
  • Measures (including time and money)
  • Known facts (number bonds to 20 and counting in twos, tens and fives)


  • Traditional Tale - ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’
  • Persuasive writing - ‘Letter To The Mayor’
  • Book Week Activities
  • Losing Tale - ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes
  • Explanation text – ‘Why Dogger Got Lost’
  • Performance poetry – ‘Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine’ by Michaela Morgan


‘Animals, including humans’

  • Identify and name common animals
  • Identify and name common UK mammals
  • Identify and compare common UK birds and reptiles
  • Identify and compare common UK fish and amphibians
  • Identify and sort herbivores, carnivores and omnivores
  • Know how to take care of animals



  • Keeping safe online



  • Pictograms - representing data on the computer
  • Lego builders - creating simple instructions on the computer
  • Maze Explorers - using, creating and debugging algorithms on the computer

Creative Topic Work

 ‘Pirates and Pioneers’

The children will learn about two famous historical figures with links to Bristol - Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Blackbeard the pirate! They will find out about aspects of their lives and key developments during their lifetimes, including:

  • ‘The Golden Age of Piracy’
  • What it was like to live aboard a pirate ship
  • Victorian transport and engineering
  • The building of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol


‘Exploring Texture’

  • Collage
  • Rubbings
  • Prints & patterns

Inspired by the work of children’s author and mixed media artist Eric Carle

Design Technology

Our DT projects will include:

  • making pop-up pirates (levers)
  • making pirate biscuits (food technology)
  • building bridges (joining and strengthening materials)


Charanga - ‘In The Groove’

  • Different styles of music (eg. Blues, Baroque, Latin)

Charanga - ‘Round And Round’

 (A Bossa Nova Latin Style)

  • The interrelated dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm and pitch)


Building our vocabulary:

  • Greetings
  • Numbers to 10
  • Days of the week
  • Colours


 ‘Dreams & Goals’

  • My Treasure Chest of Success
  • Steps to Goals
  • Achieving Together
  • Stretchy Learning
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Celebrating My Success

‘Healthy Me’

  • Being Healthy
  • Healthy Choices
  • Clean and Healthy
  • Medicine Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Happy Healthy Me


Families and celebrations:

  • Reflecting on belonging to a family
  • Our church family
  • God is Our Father in heaven
  • Baptism

Following Jesus:

  • Reflect on how we choose friends
  • How Jesus chose his friends
  • Jesus the storyteller


Preparing for Easter


  • Gym – travelling, balancing, sequences (partner work)
  • Net & Wall - bat and ball skills/ games
  • Invasion games – games based on invasion – using space, scoring etc.
  • Dance - Pirate dance

Forest School

  • Communication and team building games
  • Signs of Spring
  • Nature art
  • Sculpture

We look forward to seeing you soon.If you have any questions about the curriculum, or just want to come in and see what we've been doing, do let us know. We are available most days after all of the children have been collected. Overviews of curriculum to be covered each term can also be found in the attachments below. Our class gallery is updated most weeks too, so please take a look.

Warm regards,

Mrs Green

and the Year One Team