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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 4 Curriculum Overview


- Voices in the Park (1st person writing)

- Park Leaflet (Persuasion texts)

- Free Verse Poetry

- The Firework Maker’s Daughter (Tale of Quest)

- How do Fireworks Work (explanation text)


- Time: analogue and digital

- Shapes, angles and symmetry

- Position and Direction: coordinates and translations

- Statistics: Tables and graphs

- Review and revise

- Problem solving challenges


Classification of Living Things

- How can we group living things?

- Identify animals and plants

- How can environments change? How does affect animals and plants?



- Identifying parts of a plant

- What do plants need to survive?

- The life cycle of plants

Creative Topic – The Rotten Romans   


Who Were the Romans?

 -  Timeline of the history of Britain

- Reading and writing in Roman numerals

- Discovering the daily life of a Roman soldier

- Creating Roman pottery and coins, and creating a Roman market!

The Roman Conquest

- The Roman invasion of Britain

- Who was Boudicca? Creating artwork influenced by her

- Creating a map of the Roman Empire – what modern countries were influenced?

- Creating Roman catapults

- Re-enacting Roman army battle formations using Roman shields

- Creating Roman Mosaics

- What have the Romans ever done for us?


The Early Christians

- Peter being made the head of the Church

- The Pentecost

- Early apostles such as Stephen, Paul and Silas, their stories, message, challenges they faced.


The Church

- What the Church encompasses

- The Sacraments

- The Liturgical year

- The Mission of the Church

- In-depth look on Communion of Saints and Mary


Programming - Coding

- Writing algorithms to move characters in a video game

- Using scratch and programming characters to move and speak

- Debugging

- Solving problems using coding



- Striking and Fielding: rounders and cricket

- Athletics: sprinting, hurdles, javelin and more!


- The Beatles

- Glockenspiels – learning basic notation, identifying and playing notes, composing our own pieces.