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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 5 – Saint Josephine Bakhita

Dear Parents,

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter break! I hope this term we can find more stability in school. With restrictions easing and weather improving, I’m sure we’ll find this term much more positive than the previous two. I am certainly looking forward to getting a full term of teaching for once!


This Summer term our topic is ‘The Maya’, which is a really interesting one I’m sure the pupils will enjoy. The Maya people are generally a misunderstood civilisation with lots of myths and micsconceptions around them. I hope the children will come home with some interesting facts over the next term! Homework projects will return as well this term so I’ll post a separate letter in due course. For more information on what we’ll be covering across the curriculum this term, please see the overview below for more!


In regard to the ‘core’ subjects (i.e. Maths, English, Reading), I’m sure you’ve seen a lot around ‘catch-up’ in education. We’ll be following a ‘go slow to go fast’ approach in school. It’s important the pupils pick up core learning ready for Year 6, so I’ll be focusing on these key areas with them, particularly in Maths. This will also mean Year 5 will have more regular homework to focus on these areas and ensure they are embedded through regular practice at home. I will set homework every week for LBQ to complete at home. This will also ensure they get prepared for Year 6 and secondary school. I’ll send more guidance on this later in the week.

Of course, we’ve also got the Liddington trip to look forward to this Summer Term (14th June). Please see the letter for this in regards to payment.

Other than this, everything is relatively the same this term!

  • PE will continue on Mondays (Signature Sports) and Wednesdays (with me)
  • Mrs Cross will teach Monday afternoons (covering my planning time).
  • Spelling test will be on Tuesdays
  • Mrs Cross will change books on Tuesdays

Please continue reading at home as often as possible with your child. Most are very capable readers, but keep questioning them on their understanding – that’s the important bit now!

As always, please do not hesitate to message me on Class Dojo, or find me or Mrs Cross at the gate, for any reason, no matter how small. I will endeavour to update you as often as possible on your child’s successes (or any issues!) in class too. This class have been a delight to teach and I look forward to another brilliant term with them.

Many thanks,

Mr. Marshall